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As a young newlywed, one of the first between my friends to get married, i found myself struggling daily with the responsibilities of suddenly running an ENTIRE house!

Making sure my husband eats on time before he gets HANGRY, remembering to turn the hot water on, and turn the oven off, making sure i pack next day's lunch a night before to take with me to the office, disciplining a puppy and SO much more got me ridiculously overwhelmed the first few months.

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    Chicken Katsu With a Side of Edamame Noodles

    May 23, 2017

    Feels good to be writing a recipe post again! I’ve been so busy with my online shopΒ that i haven’t had the time to write up any new recipes!

    Today i’m going to share with you a dish i made last week and got so many requests for the recipe. Chicken Katsu, a Japanese version of breaded chicken with a side of edamame vegetable noodles.

    Recipe is shared below!

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