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Rose Water and Pistachio Cookies

June 17, 2016

Khosh Mazas!

I am obsessed with persian food and everything¬†persian. I’ve literally read every book written about their culture. Also, one of my best friends is half persian so I constantly have the best persian food for lunch!

I got bored making basic chocolate chip cookies, i mean, enough. Got inspired from the dried rose buds that i have in my kitchen to make these OUTSTANDING cookies. I mean, i cannot even explain how yummy these are. They are perfect for anytime of the day, with your coffee, your afternoon tea, or for breakfast ūüėÄ

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Beetroot Hummus and Zaatar Breadsticks//My Snapchat Takeover on The Feed Feed

June 14, 2016

I got the chance to takeover The Feed Feed‘s Snapchat yesterday and i have to say it was a BLAST! I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce some Lebanese culture into my takeover so i set up an outdoor kitchen in our family home in the Lebanese countryside and used lebanese pottery to put all my ingredients in, some arabic music in the background, and i made HUMMUS.

Well, i didn’t just make hummus, i made beetroot hummus and¬†Zaatar bread sticks to go with it!

Will share with you the recipe for both Hummus and Breadsticks! Continue Reading

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Beef Stroganoff

June 10, 2016

Growing up, my mom wasn’t one of those moms that stayed in the kitchen and cooked, per say. Not that i minded, on the contrary i wouldn’t want¬†my mom any other way. Point is, she knew how to make one dish really well, and that dish is beef stroganoff. Say these two words in front of my dad today and he will definitely faint from all those times he had to eat this dish. Continue Reading

Featured Lebanese Dishes Recipes Savory

Lebanese Zaatar Rolls

June 6, 2016

As most of you already know, I will be going live on The Feed Feed’s Snapchat (@thefeedfeed) on Monday, June 13th (Time to be announced later on Instagram).¬†I decided to make something that gives homage to Lebanon with a twist! Zaatar or Thyme is a popular herb mixture commonly used in the Lebanese cuisine. It is made of a blend of¬†herbs, thyme, summac, salt and toasted sesame seeds. Continue Reading